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PEMB Construction, Inc. provides in-house design services primarily utilizing VP Buildings revolutionary design software VP Command. This software allows us to interact with your Architects or Engineer directly and efficiently. Most standard building designs can be completed in less than an hour and can be transferred in ACAD format immediately.

By utilizing our design software and abilities to their fullest potential, you can eliminate weeks off your construction schedule. You can also provide a complete design for the owners review during that all important sales phase, instead of a “napkin” sketch.

PEMB Construction, Inc. utilizes the most advanced computer technology in the industry. VP Command is a proprietary design, engineering, estimating, and ordering program utilized by VP Builders. Working together with architects and engineers, VP Command reduces both estimating and design time and accurately details building structures.

Efficiency and accuracy in building design, processing, manufacturing, and construction saves time and money. VP Authorized Builders utilize the most advanced computer system in the industry, VP Command, to help reduce design and estimating time, accurately detail the building structure, and efficiently process the material through manufacturing.

The VP Command system helps ensure material quality, which leads to faster field erection-saving you time and money.

Advanced software programs are revolutionizing the way buildings are conceived, designed and delivered. Today, technology such as VP Command is the preferred method of designing low-rise buildings. Working together with architects and engineers, Authorized VP Builders use VP Command to create and enter building specifications to help reduce design and estimating time and accurately detail the building structure.


  • Enhanced project control
  • Accurate project pricing
  • Anchor bolt layouts and reactions
  • Preliminary designs and Erection drawings
  • What-if scenario capability to compare alternative design

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